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We Reverse Climate Change

Reverion enables an emission-free future and ensures the success of the global energy transition through the optimal use of biogas.

The technology doubles electricity production through electrical efficiencies of 80%. Additionally, Reverion stabilizes the power grid in electrolysis mode and produces renewable gases.

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A spin-off from the Technical University of Munich, we're a highly tech-driven climate startup. Our clear mission: paving the way to 100% renewable energy by making the most out of biogas. This year, we will scale the team from 5 to 15+ people and our technology to commercialization.


The Mission


Paving the way towards 100% clean energy

We replace 19th century combustion engines with our proven and patented carbon-negative fuel cell technology, cutting 10% of CO2-emissions across Europe while stabilising the grid.

Enabling reliable energy storage

With our reversible technology, we solve the lack of energy storage solutions, allowing >200 TWh annual capacity with maximum flexibility and the highest round-trip efficiencies in decentralised applications.

The Technology

Find out more about our reversible fuel cell systems here

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